Mission Statement:

Rockford Youth Cheerleading's purpose is to teach and develop the skills of life & the sport of cheerleading. We are a recreational program that tries to instill into our cheerleaders, parents, volunteers and everyone we make contact with, to have pride & respect in themselves, their teammates, their school and their community. We are a learning league that doesn't award championships, but instead prides itself on being a teaching league. Rules are designed to provide a safe environment for the majority of the cheerleaders. "TEAM" is one of the main ideas we emphasize to our students, because no one can win by themselves.

Rockford Youth Football, Inc.

The Rockford Youth Football Program, RYFB, is a community based program in Rockford, Michigan, whose mission is to provide a safe and fun environment for learning and playing youth football.  The Youth Program is for kids in grades Pre School through 6th Grade, and participants do not have to be a Rockford resident to participate.  RYFB is a member of the West Michigan Youth Football League.

Our Rock 7's program is our dedicated 7th grade division aligned with Rockfords Middle Schools and a member of the Big Ten league.  


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Head Field Director: Cody Gross
Email: fd@rockfordyfb.com

Rock 7's Field Director: Brandon Bassham
Email: rock7s@rockfordyfb.com

Registrations: Tim Miller
Email: registration@rockfordyfb.com

Head Flag Director: Justin Bascom
Email: flagfd@rockfordyfb.com

Player Safety Director: Brandon Bassham
Email: fd2@rockfordyfb.com

Cheer Director: Renee Dengler
Email: snrdengler@netzero.com